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Pound Cake Love…

Georgia Peach Pound Cake

We Add the love…you eat the cake!

At Café 120 we make a LOT of pound cake…  One-pound cake you will always find on our counter (except on the days we run out…) is our Sour Cream Pound Cake.  That pound cake is a family recipe that has been handed down through the family.  I think I have seen it written down, but I am not sure where… However, it is one of the best pound cakes I have ever eaten and many of our customers agree.

Everything has a history.

The pound cake, of course, started in England and followed the first English immigrants over to America. The original cake would have been huge, as the recipe called for 1 pound each of butter, eggs, flour and sugar.  That is a four-pound cake!  During a period of history when many people, (especially women) did not know how to read or write, the simple ingredient list made it easy for cooks to make.

We wanted to be a great Coffee Shop!  Now we’re a great Bakery too!

Lemon Blueberry Pound Cake

Café’ 120 bakes all of our own pound cakes.  In addition to our sour cream pound cake, we have offered Almond, Lemon Blueberry, Chocolate Turtle, Lemon and Coconut Amaretto.  Our most popular pound cake to date is the Old-Fashioned Sour Cream pound cake.  However, a close second was our Lemon Blueberry.  Here is the recipe for that cake.

At Cafe’120 we are baking up a storm these days.  Come in and you will usually find 3 different cakes, 8-12 varieties of homemade cookies, our own brownies, whoopie pies, homemade banana bread and many more offerings.  We never use preservatives and where possible we use natural sugars or honey.

Come and give our bakery a try!


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