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Starting over…

Broken eggs…

Every failure is a step forward. Every success is a recognition of the steps, or failures, it took to get there.

One thing in life is a certainty, you are going to have successes,and you are going to have failures.  How you handle your success determines your single achievements.  Failure on the other hand grows you as a person, increases your growth as a leader, and ultimately moves you toward success.

Failures often lead to new opportunities.

open doors are opportunities

Café 120 has been reborn as Café 120 Treats and Gifts. And is an online store.  I have a new shared commercial kitchen and the possibilities are endless.  This Blog is part of my new adventure and will enhance my understanding of baking and the desire to get back to simple cooking.

Sometimes you don’t know you have lost something until it is gone…

This blog will look at how kitchen gadgets, and grocery stores have changed the way we approach cooking.  Life is easier, and cooking is quicker, but we are losing some of our history. With that loss we are losing not only flavor and nutrition, but an understanding of basic, simple, cooking.  

Researching vintage recipes, and methods, will be an indulgence for me.  I love old things…  they have character and have lived the test of time. Old recipes, speak of our past, and may give us some insight on making life healthier in our present.  Hopefully, along the way I will make new friends and find others that are interested in how to keep life and cooking simple.

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